Reflections on Patanjali’s Sutras: What drives us to Practice Yoga?

“Yoga is defined as the quieting of the mind. Yoga practice is defined as the effort to secure steadiness”

To define yoga practice we look to the sutras of Patanjali. This doesn’t say anything about hugging and lifting the pelvic floor, or grounding down four corners of your standing foot. It has no alignment ques what so ever.

This raises the questions of what drives us to practice.

If it’s not about creating a slender hourglass body, and genuinely being fit and healthy, what is it? What is it’s purpose and what does it tell us about ourselves?

We practice because we want to make progress in our spiritual life and tame our restless thoughts. We practice because It gives us the opportunity to act in accordance with our highest good and train to make the best choices even when we’re not on our mat and out in the world.

Yoga teaches us to pause and connect to our own true wisdom before we decide how to move forward in any given situation. We can re-create ourselves over and over again in new and exciting ways. We can free ourselves from habitual karmic pattens of destructive reactions. Yoga connects us to our authentic self which is perhaps the greatest thing of all because it works on so many levels (Mind, Body, Spirit).

Yoga brings us into the oneness and connect and build strong communities based on strong moral foundations. Yoga is our chariot (maybe even driven by Krishna!) that’s drives us through the journey of life.