Yoga as Prayer, Movement with Meaning  

I am a DJ, Vinyasa Yoga & 5Elements Dance Facilitator currently Based in Byron Shire, NSW. I  have spent my recent summers visiting & performing at transformational festivals in Australia and New Zealand with my embodiment and yoga-dance workshop YogaRhythms.

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I guide my students through physical asana with an invitation to witness a creative life force energy by tapping into the rhythms of nature and the pulse of life!

My classes are a mix of modern Yoga techniques; fluidity, strength and alignment with traditional mantra, philosophy, moving meditation and breath connection.

“It’s so great to have Wednesday morning yoga instructor Rire back! I love her class! She has a special gift for talking us through the each posture and I have never wanted to work so hard. Even though this is a “basics-introductory” class it is super challenging. I feel like I’m in training. Inspiring and awesome!”

– Jane (Abundance Mind Body, Auckland)

“THANK YOU for the most incredible series of classes…. Without a doubt the best yoga experiences I’ve ever had have taken place on that lawn.”  

– Melanie Hall, Waiheke Island. 

Who Am I?

Rire” is the name my father gave me which means ‘to laugh’ in French – He says – the joy you feel when no one tells a joke… Hence the “R.I.A” Rhythms (Rire) in action Alias….

I have travelled plenty, living for long periods of time in Australia, New Zealand and Europe mixing and connecting with many cultures and communities providing me with a large pool of life experience to draw from in the yoga room & the Dance Floor.

“Thanks for yoga this morning! I really enjoyed it… I don’t do very much yoga so I liked how relaxed and ‘be-yourself’ it was.  Also really loved your authentic presentation of the class – that “yoga voice” stereotype that some people use really distracts me, so I really appreciated how you just brought your real personality.” – Jeremy Warne (Morning People)

Growing up in rural Waiheke Island, New Zealand we had a house full of crystals, plants, animals, bikes, inspiring books, an abundant veggie garden –  Dad was always meditating, listening to spiritual talks, and playing sitar, while mum supported my love, or should i say – Infatuation with riding horses! We were a vegetarian household, so I was lucky enough to start out in life with a deep respect for the land and all its plants and animals ~  evoking a natural, healthy lifestyle and love of nature.

My dad, now a student of the A Course In Miracles is my best teacher. He’s always been there to provide wisdom and practice advice on letting go to the resistance of loves presence, which is everywhere if we choose to embrace it.

The global shift is upon up to reclaim our humanity by remembering the essence of who we truly are. My mission is to support the transition to the new paradigm with movement, music and straight up good vibes!

It’s time for a new era of humans who are brave enough to step into and own their divinity, and together we release anything that separates us from true uncontitional love & freedom.  


Work With Me

  • Private Group Yoga Classes
  • One on One Yoga Coaching ~ 6 Week Vinyasa Foundations Program
  • Corporate Wellness Events – Yoga Classes & YogaRhythms 5Elements
  • Beginner yoga programs ~ Empower your home practice
  • Music supervision for Yoga Studios & Events
  • DJ for Yoga & Ecstatic Dance ~ See Music Page 

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